#OhioGate Charity Watch List

The non-profits listed here are on our “Charity Watch List.”  Once the allegations are thoroughly reviewed, the findings will be shared with our viewers and CharityWatch. Quantitative and qualitative research validates that the omnipresent corruption has a substantial amount of overlapping ties with Freemasonry and its fraternal/sisterhood affiliates.  Therefore, we are asking all organizations and its employees to disclose any such associations.

  • Domestic Violence Project Inc. in Canton, Ohio
    • Ohio Secretary of State information
    • Facebook Site
    • Repeated reports of CEO/agency refusing to assist women who are on the receiving end of domestic violence by prominent men – despite being provided with recordings/documentation of rape/domestic violence.
    • Seeming support of initiatives of misogynistic/anti-women organizations/individuals that have been classified as “hate” and/or “extremist” continuing to attempt to increase statistics of male abuse – despite only a small portion of men being victims of domestic violence. Example:cheliblackout
    • Refusal to provide victim’s with their report file(s) and requested public IRS forms.
    • Board member participation in harassing female victim(s).
    • Possible conflicted organizational/funding affiliations.
    • Board Members:  Todd Porter, President (Canton Repository Journalist)
    • Chief Financial Officer: Connie Kincaid
  • Sisters of Charity Foundation in Canton, Ohio
    • Providing funds to organizations known for harassing women and/or cooperating with the pervasive system which intimidates and/or politically oppresses victims/witnesses from sharing their stories of abuse/assaults/harassment.
  • Mercy Development Foundation in Canton, Ohio
  • Ohio Commission on Fatherhood in Columbus, Ohio
    • No equivalent Ohio Commission on Motherhood
    • Receiving government funds for the bolstering of skewed statistics regarding domestic violence
    • A part of the National Fatherhood Commission
  • Fatherhood Ohio