#OhioGate Courthouse Watch List

The courthouses listed here are on our “Courthouse Watch List.”  Once the allegations are thoroughly reviewed, the findings will be shared with our viewers.  Quantitative and qualitative research validates that the omnipresent corruption has a substantial amount of overlapping ties with Freemasonry and its fraternal/sisterhood affiliates.  Therefore, we are asking all courthouse employees to disclose any such associations.

  • Stark County Court of Common Pleas
    • Many victims report that there are secret chamber meetings held at this courthouse where their own attorneys are being threatened to compromise their client’s cases rather than vociferously representing their clients, and reporting to the state (the privatized Ohio State Bar Association with apparent ties to Freemasonry or the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel) are futile. Such calls have resulted in victims being harassed. Audio to be supplied on such calls.  Magistrates/Judges/Clerks/Reporters are apparently frequently abusing their power and using familial connections to silence victims/witnesses and subsequently retaliate should the victims continue to report their abuse. This courthouse has a history of racism and sexism, yet we are having great difficulty finding many of the cases against its clerk, Louis Giavasis brought forth by court employees and others.

Canton Municipal Court