The Unapologetic Civil Rights Activist

Meet Mary Louise Allen, The Unapologetic Civil Rights Activist, a(n):

  • investigative journalist,

  • radio talk show host,

  • advocate for victims, survivors, and targets of abuse,

  • activist for justice and humanity, 

  • psychology professor

Welcome to my story.  Welcome to my voice.  My counselor of numerous years asked me quite some time ago “who I wanted to be.”  Reminiscent to solving a mystifying theorem, I recently shared with her my straightforward reply, and why I could not necessarily coherently express this reply honestly when initially asked begins this journey. 
I believe that all too often, so many of us respond to such a simplistic query attempting to contrive an answer that would be acceptable to the listener, the expert, and his or her parameters of acceptance, rather than actually acknowledging the authentic desire within our fiber, our core.  I, as a lifelong victim of abuse, have allowed my friends, relatives, and the general population to define me.  While I mildly understand the trite phrase of “pick and choose your battles” (perhaps from the perspective of mistakenly receiving sweet tea instead of unsweetened), I will always err on the side of humanity and justice.  I can no longer will I be implicitly and/or explicitly told  to “be quiet,” “let it go,” or “cease sharing.”  
ASSAULTED WITH RECORDINGS AND JUDICIALLY SILENCED:  As you will see from my writings, posts, and videos, I was threatened by the judiciary that I could neither speak of my assaults nor my Weinstein-like affiliated assailant, with a history of abusing women, who utilized the judicial system to silence me.  I was stunned, shocked, perplexed, and bewildered.  What was the cost of this?  To my assailant and unbeknownst to me, it cost him a measly $100 surety bond where the courts gagged me with an injunction order ordering that I could not share my experience with anyone, with incessant threats of contempt, which would mean doctors, law enforcement, support groups, etc.  The cost to me, however, was much more detrimental.  It cost me everything and did not allow me to pursue the warranted and necessitated therapy to recuperate – only re-traumatizing me, as a victim of recorded violence and a witness in mandated Whistleblower’s activity.  Law enforcement, courts, and even government did me a grave disservice by allowing this to occur – be it from their willful participation, their intentional ignorance, and/or their conscious avoidance.  
KEEP CALM AND BE A GOOD LITTLE GIRL:  Gone should be the days where men are revered as “assertive,” and women, repudiated as “bitchy.” Such unequivocal discrimination is often seen in the workplace, government, and social settings. The silence must stop including but not limited to such comments as….”You probably should not have told anyone about being raped.” It is a metaphorical-ill-repute-DUI of sorts which one should hide (facetious intent, duly noted).  A victim should not be encouraged to be silent or discouraged from possessing a voice. These are the individuals who have suffered and did nothing wrong. Victim blaming is a sad tragedy of our civilization, and it should be categorically prohibited. Case in point, lawyers prepare their respective victimized clients regarding how their skirt length might damage their sexual assault case. This is unacceptable.  Such litigious objections are allegedly “irrelevant” under the rules of evidence but should always be sustained judiciously acknowledging for the arbiters that “victim blaming” is not tolerated. It should be neither allowed nor accepted.  No order and no directive should ever supersede commentary afforded in accordance with law.